An end to self-perpetuating wedding stationery?

My husband Tim pointed out that I’ve been awful at keeping this blog updated so this is me trying to be better.

Keady Row is my new baby and I’m probably treating it a bit like a child. I’m nurturing it, instilling values and watching it grow. I have hopes and dreams for Keady Row that sometimes I’m afraid to say out loud incase I sound crazy.

Wedding stationery has a couple of functions; to give people the information they need to turn up to your wedding at the right time, at the right church and with a gift from the right place! Your invitation should also fill people with excitement and anticipation for your big day. It might spend a couple of weeks on the mantlepiece or kitchen table, but in most cases (sadly), will likely end up at the back of a drawer of maybe even the bin.

Even though my professional life is now quite focused on wedding stationery, a massive chunk of me is still a graphic design purist - logos, print and web. These are the things I look at to get inspired, to get all all fired up ready to go. I probably spend an hour everyday looking at things that inspire me. From flicking through design journals (old and new) to going flat out on Pinterest. How awesome would it be to create wedding stationery that people go to get inspired for design thats not even wedding related? I think that would be class.

Is it really enough to get inspired and influenced by wedding stationery that already exists?  Are we going in circles a bit – churning out variations of whats already out there? Imagine if your invitation managed to escape the bin?

I love it when my couples are willing to take a chance on trying something a bit different, putting their trust in me and giving me the creative freedom to pull inspiration from the world outside of weddings. This is the freedom I crave – the stuff that really gets my heart racing.

Below is some recent stationery that I’ve loved working on.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

N xo

P.S Here’s a list of my inspo resources incase anyone is interested:
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